A love letter

This is for the the mad men and for the  women who run with wolves. This is for the non-bianary. This is for the aspies and the borderlines. This is for the trans and cross dressers. This is for the outcasts, the celestial beings, the holy, the starving artists, the condemed,  the weirdos, the prophets and the misunderstood. This is for the too smart for their own good. This is for the unapologetic. This is for the too much girl and the guys who put up with us. This is for the black, the white, red skinned , yellow and everything inbetween. This is for all of us. This is for the book smart and the street smart. This is for the conspiracy theorists. This is for the destitutes, the outcasts, the drifters, the dreamers and the clinically depressed. This is for the PTSD survivors. this is for the thrivers. This is for the mothers, and the good dads.This is for the suicide survivors, the cancer survivors, the stroke survivors and their family and friends. This is for the deceased, my best friend Dave and my dad. this is for every man and woman who gave their  life to protect my freedom. This is for the addicts and the emt’s. This is for the nurse’s, the practitioners and the healers. This is for every person who wanted to crawl out of their body in the mist of being bullied or ridiculed at some point in their life. This is for every teenager making their way through high school up to every elder making peace with their remaining years. This is for the hustlers, the get that money bitches and the good men who treat women with respect. I see you. And I love you.

Published by Brigitte af Transmorvica

interests include blogging personal improvement chromotherapy root work and herbal remedies shadow work talking about my past to heal and help others mental illness mental wellness pain spirituality working with our ancestors spell tutorials fashion makeup family dynamics healthy boundries discovering ones own inner beauty homelessness addiction recovery childhood wounds attatchment styles self care creative block art happiness inspiration hope depression movies music traumatic brain injury Joker and Harley Quinn love bipolar borderline coping strategies complex ptsd self harm stuffies pets little space quarentine books relationships ego

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