DC nerd no regrets

When I was younger I related alot to Harley Quinn. Her madness. Her sense of humor, her unconditional love for Joker and her appreciation of eccentric personalities. She loves acrobats and the child like magic that a circus holds. Her codependent nature and need within the depths of her soul to be loved. She was all my excitement and all my energy that I had bottled up only  to bury deep within my subconscious in fear of being classified as a hopeless looney toon. Now that I am older I resonate more with Poison Ivy. Her introverted nature, her love of nature and plants and the mentality that plants hold great healing power. Her confidence and unwavering unapologetic ability to say I’m not going to fit in. And that’s OK. Her love of using pheromones to lure a male victim in only to turn them into houseplants. No. I have not turned any ex boyfriends into houseplants. They all went off and found the love of their life married happily ever after. Remember that movie where women would date a guy because he was notorious for being the last guy women dated before they found their soul mate? I’m the female version of that story. But here’s the plot twist. I found mine. We have our ups and downs but if we didn’t we wouldn’t be human. I guess that’s what life does to us. Turns us into three dimensional heroes and villains. I think I’ve been both.

Published by Brigitte af Transmorvica

interests include blogging personal improvement chromotherapy root work and herbal remedies shadow work talking about my past to heal and help others mental illness mental wellness pain spirituality working with our ancestors spell tutorials fashion makeup family dynamics healthy boundries discovering ones own inner beauty homelessness addiction recovery childhood wounds attatchment styles self care creative block art happiness inspiration hope depression movies music traumatic brain injury Joker and Harley Quinn love bipolar borderline coping strategies complex ptsd self harm stuffies pets little space quarentine books relationships ego

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