Quarentine at the end of the world

Quarantining. A fancy word for agoraphobia made popular by the pandemic of 2020. My kid is doing classes from a computer screen. Our environment is healing itself. Surrealism. Working from the comfort of your own home. Inflation. Inflation. Currently unavailable. Until further notice. Everyone is in Jack from the Shining mode. Elders and children are at risk. The market is crashing people are fighting people are helping as much as it brings us together as a whole world it destroys us by the crippling fear of catching it. Every sneeze is a red flag. Every nose sniffle and your heart skips a beat. We are officially living in fear. Walking around with face masks so we don’t catch cooties. Welcome to my world. Penned by an introvert. A shut in. A seeker of knowledge and a writer in my bones. This unnecessary public service announcement is brought to you by Beth Toy. Now if we lose the internet we’ll be in full Mad Max getup. Which I love steam punk so I’m down. Be careful stay indoors be mindful use this as time to reflect on yourself and your life and now is the time for gratitude. I think it will blow over by 2021. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that’s my prediction. Watch out Nostrodomous there’s a new sheriff in town. 🧙‍♀️ If you are paying close attention I’m saying this isn’t the end of the world but a new beginning. It’s just a catchy ass title I couldn’t resist because I’m dark. I never trusted 2020 I knew paladromes were shady characters. Not to mention a presidential campaign. More shady characters.

Published by Brigitte af Transmorvica

interests include blogging personal improvement chromotherapy root work and herbal remedies shadow work talking about my past to heal and help others mental illness mental wellness pain spirituality working with our ancestors spell tutorials fashion makeup family dynamics healthy boundries discovering ones own inner beauty homelessness addiction recovery childhood wounds attatchment styles self care creative block art happiness inspiration hope depression movies music traumatic brain injury Joker and Harley Quinn love bipolar borderline coping strategies complex ptsd self harm stuffies pets little space quarentine books relationships ego

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