Revolution #9

Sometimes i feel like I’m floating, hovering about. Sometimes i feel like I’m sailing in the ether as my feet start to lift off the ground.  Sometimes inbetween  the atrophy i dip jerk and grunt. Sometimes there is space in between my gown and the soil as i defy gravity. Sometimes it takes a nightmare to wake up from a dream. My melancholic moods like my martyrdom always conflictingb me. My selfishness and my selflessness are always at war. A martyr i have been. I offered him everything and got the axe again. So now i float toes pointed down, always headed west. The wicked witch of West Seneca they whisper, behind my very back.  for they call me a witch you see, so i levitate when i masturbate and talk in tounges with glee. I dance naked in the woods around a bonfire with the matriarchy. I grow nightshade basked in moonlight and fill mason jars with pee . i shape shift like a skin walker and drink the fountain of youth in my tea. I feel everything so deeply it tends to overpower me. I read  tarot cards,  bones, runes and tea leaves. I  bathe in virgin’s blood as i sip  martinis . I chant in unison with the devil’s sonata when i have an epiphany. Butterflies emit from my toes as i walk with sensitivity. I ride a broom instead of a truck because wheels i do not need. I feel more inclusive in nature than any kind of eulogy. I celebrate every day as if i don’t it’ll hurt.

My next muse will be sorry if thee ever crosses me for words cut deeper than the sharpest blade and i my  pen will bleed. I time travel if i have to unless it doesn’t suite me.  I only wear a pointy hat when it’s Halloween.

Published by Brigitte af Transmorvica

interests include blogging personal improvement chromotherapy root work and herbal remedies shadow work talking about my past to heal and help others mental illness mental wellness pain spirituality working with our ancestors spell tutorials fashion makeup family dynamics healthy boundries discovering ones own inner beauty homelessness addiction recovery childhood wounds attatchment styles self care creative block art happiness inspiration hope depression movies music traumatic brain injury Joker and Harley Quinn love bipolar borderline coping strategies complex ptsd self harm stuffies pets little space quarentine books relationships ego

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